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This social media famous adorable rescue cat with no claws, just three teeth, a crooked ear and hip dysplasia has captured the hearts of thousands of people all around the world and now wants to use his amazing moustache and cute little characteristics to make a difference.

Taken from mycatkyle instagram

He was adopted by his owners as a companion for their other beloved cat Princess Mer after they became convinced he needed a friend, however they had no idea how much of an impact the amazing little cat would make. They immediately fell in love with him and knew they just needed to take him home with them.

The strange but beautiful looking cat has an extraordinary but tragic back story – he has witnessed a murder. Kyle was actually being held as evidence by the police for a domestic violence incident which sadly ended fatally. Kyle wasn’t the only kitty who was held by the police, 30 other cats who were also in the house which the murder took place were taken as part of the murder investigation.

When Kyle’s pictures and posts began to gain a lot of attention of social media platforms such as Instagram and Reddit, his owners decided to use his voice and followers to gain attention to domestic violence causes.  Kyle’s owners noticed that there was a dire need for animal-friendly domestic violence shelters which would allow victims to take their beloved pets to safety too.

Research has suggested that abusers who also abuse their pets are more dangerous and controlling than those who do not and 45% of abused women have delayed leaving their abuser or returned to them for their pets safety. Chilling facts like these emphasise the need for these shelters which Kyle the kitty is raising awareness about.

In February 2015 Kyle started the hashtag phenomenon #CatsAgainstDV which means Cats Against Domestic Violence, the hashtag spread the word and outlined the need for animal-friendly domestic violence shelters, amazingly Kyle and his popular photos have already raised over $4000 for organisations which support the cause.

Kyle also promotes and raises money for various different charities and his Charitable Cash 4 Kyle’s Stache donates money to his causes and many different charities and campaigns which are all making a large difference for those who need it most. He sells little Kyle cat plushie teddies, mugs and pillows just to name a few, all with his beautiful signature looks and adorable face.

Kyle has started a new campaign which involves his adorable plushies which can be bought from his store. People purchase a plushie and they must share it with a family who has been impacted by domestic violence. You can buy one of the adorable cuddly toys and Kyle will ship it directly to Urban Resource Institute which is the only organisation which provides safety shelters for everybody including pets .

Taken from mycatkyle instagram

Despite Kyle’s upsetting and tragically unfair past, he has continually helped and raised awareness and money for causes which mean a lot to him and his owners. His owners have done an incredible and selfless act of kindness to help prevent situations like Kyle’s and to also help victims feel more comfortable to escape violent circumstances. From a rescue cat to rescuing more pets.


Sadly, this rescue story begins like many others: An irresponsible person finds out their cat is going to have kittens. They don’t want to deal with feeding and taking care of a bunch more cats so they take the very pregnant mother cat to a field, drive off, and leave her there. Out of sight . . . out of mind . . .

Luckily, the cat was discovered by the land owner, a kind-hearted woman named Jeanne, but not before the cat gives birth to a litter of five kittens. Jeanne tries repeatedly to trap the mother cat and her kittens but, one by one, they begin disappearing until only one little tortoiseshell kitten remains. Jeanne tries to catch the kitten continually for more than three months, setting traps and bait until, one day, the kitten is nowhere to be found. Jeanne lives in a rural area and there are many coyotes nearby so she assumes the worst has happened and gives up hope of finding and rescuing the poor kitten.

cat rescue storiesSome weeks later, Jeanne was locking up the house to go to bed when she heard a cat crying outside. When she stepped out on to her porch, she saw it was the tortoiseshell mother cat. It ran up to her and rubbed all over her legs but then, just as quickly, ran off again. Jeanne stood there for a few minutes calling to the cat when she saw it coming back toward her with something in its mouth. It dropped the little black bundle at Jeanne’s feet.

It wasn’t moving and it was dark so Jeanne couldn’t tell what it was. After retrieving a flashlight from inside the house, Jeanne inspected the bundle more closely. It smelled terrible and, though it was covered in fur, it was singed. When she reached out to touch it, it hissed at her. Jeanne then realized it was a kitten and that it was alive! As it was late and Jeanne was afraid to separate the kitten from the mother cat, she put together a makeshift bed in one of the window-wells of her farm house. She laid the kitten on soft blankets and momma cat jumped right in to the new bed to lay next to her baby for the night.

Early the next morning, Jeanne took the kitten to the vet, who quickly agreed with her diagnosis of the kitten being burnt. Thankfully, the only part of the kitten that had been literally burnt was his tail. The rest of the kitten had only been scorched by intense heat which left him with singed fur and whiskers. The sensitive tissues of his nose and mouth had also been affected by the intense heat, as well as his paws and paw pads.
The vet cleaned the wounds and prescribed antibiotics and discussed a recovery plan for the poor kitten. The vet worked closely with a lovely woman named Susanne, who often fostered cats that needed extra special care. Jeanne handed the kitten over and told Susanne his name was “Burnie” – or “Bernie” as he would come to be known.

It was a long, tough road of recovery for Bernie but he was a truly strong kitten with a determined spirit.
How could he not be?? Just look at his mother.

A true “wild” cat, who wanted nothing to do with humans, she knew when to overlook her fears and ask for help when her kitten needed it most. With a will that strong, how could her baby not have some of the same?

My husband and I were walking back to our house after dinner when we met this tiny, skinny kitten, about 2 months old, sitting quietly on an air vent of Banco de Oro building.

We approached her and she doesn’t seem so friendly. She was very timid and a bit scared. I pulled out cat food I always have in my bag and offered some food. Apart from being skinny and dirty, she doesn’t look sick. We waited a bit to let her finish her meal, making sure no by-passer would disturb her dinner or scare her away.

Sylvia, about 3 months old. She was skin and bones when we first got her.
Sylvia, about 3 months old. She was skin and bones when we first got her.

There are tons of stray cats in the streets of Manila (in the entire Philippines for that matter) and if we pick up everyone we come across with, we will have hundreds in a matter of days. As much as we wanted to help every stray cat in the city, we can’t take them all. What we did is to join an animal welfare organization, supported and participated in their various projects such as adoption events, education, spay/ neuter programs. That way, we can still help even if we can’t actually take the cats in. We then just moved to a more pet friendly condo where Nishi and Patrick were no longer a secret and can live their lives normally and comfortably.

So going back to the tabby by the bank – we thought she doesn’t exactly need our immediate help. Having 2 cats in a 65sqm condo feels already crowded, so I thought we can’t bring her anymore. But as we spend more time watching her finish her meal, I thought that place wasn’t safe for a kitten. The building is in a very busy road. Sooner or later, she will starve and will be desperate, she will cross the street and will get run over. Run over cats are very common sight on the roads of Metro Manila. I can’t remember a day of driving without seeing one – which of course, always upsets me. We were thinking to relocate her at some park in the area, but it isn’t really a permanent solution. Besides, if anyone sees us, they might think we are dumping the cat. It is not illegal but I do not want to show a bad example to anyone. I hate people dumping animals with passion! So guess how it ended up?

Sylvia spent a few nights in the vet clinic to make sure she's healthy before she socialized with other pupicats.
Sylvia spent a few nights in the vet clinic to make sure she’s healthy before she socialized with other pupicats.

We took the little brown tabby with us and had her checked by a vet. We said we will make sure she’s free from any disease before we bring her home and then work on just getting her adopted. We isolated her in a make-shift cage for a few days to be certain she doesn’t have any dormant communicable disease before we let Nishi and Patrick socialize with her. Nishi wasn’t very happy about it, I tell you. But she can’t do anything :P.

DSC_5338We fell in love with this brown tabby and named her Sylvia. My husband said she looked like a “Sylvia” to him. She has grown to be a very sweet, affectionate girl. She’s also a born hunter – by far the best hunter among all my cats. But careful, she’s very tricky. She’s a professional escape artist. It’s not that she’s not happy, but she just loves adventure. She has beaten every cat proofing system my husband built to keep them within our balcony and away from our neighbors. Eventually I found a fool proof way that kept her inside.

Sylvia Today
Sylvia just turned 4 years old. She’s very beautiful, a sweet slime ball happy and active cat. A proud member of the Pupicats :).


One busy morning, a client rushed into a veterinary hospital where I was working with an injured cat. He had seen the cat in the neighborhood for weeks and had tried unsuccessfully to befriend it. Following a trail of blood he found the injured and scared cat under his house. He carefully rescued and rushed him into the hospital. We assumed the cat was feral.

He was very thin, dirty, flea ridden and had a badly broken leg. Because he was in such terrible physical shape the decision was made to euthanize him. His rescuer and veterinary staff felt that it wouldn’t be fair to amputate the leg and release him to fend for himself. It was a sad moment and I was thinking about the horrible fate of homeless animals. I had just given Cassidy a tranquilizer and sat by his cage talking to him. Although we hardly knew him, it was important that he not leave this world unloved.Then he purred and licked my hand, hardly the actions of a feral cat.

Cassidy2This cat needed a second chance. I began to think that if he was euthanized, it might be the end of the story – that he would die a nameless stray cat, a victim of animal cruelty. Animals need us to be their advocates and that is why I decided to speak up on his behalf. I asked the doctors if they could reconsider, this was not a feral cat, but a loving and sweet cat and that deserved a second chance. We tested him for FeLV/FIV and Xrayed his leg. He had been shot several times.

When stable, the cat now known as Cassidy, had his leg amputated. The surgery was uneventful but afterwards Cassidy began to have seizures. Following the seizures, he was unable to hold his head up and had severe neurological issues. Round the clock monitoring was needed to make sure he got his medications, ate well and was kept clean. This was a project that the entire staff helped with. Often he could be found in the arms of staff members who just wanted to hold and love him. Slowly he began to have more control of his head and limbs and could eat without assistance, but he was still unable to walk. A remarkable cat, Cassidy remained cheerful and sweet throughout his ordeal, purring loudly. I decided to take him home to do physical therapy. In the weeks of rehabilitation at my home, we fell more in love and I decided to adopt him.

Cassidy’s loving and calm nature has made him many friends. He was inducted into the Oregon Animal Hall of Fame, an award given by the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association for his bravery and contributions to society. Later that year Cassidy was awarded a Diamond Collar award by the Oregon Humane Society! When not spreading joy in the community, Cassidy can be found snoozing happily with his human and cat family who clearly adore him!


In February 2013, a severe storm overtook the town of Saratoga Wyoming. The winds blew fiercely and people stayed indoors trying to avoid the nature’s fury. A local motel owner was looking out his office window when he noticed a cat hanging on the limb of a tree. The branches were swaying wildly in the fierce winds and the poor cat’s cries could be heard over the howling of the wind. Before the man could react, the poor cat lost its grip and was thrown viciously to the ground. He lay there for a moment before getting up and walking away, but with a very pronounced limp.


The next day, the motel owner noticed the cat crouching under the front porch of his motel. He called the local animal rescue group and reported that the cat was hurt and needed help. Because the rescue group was over 40 miles away and did not have a veterinarian in their small town regularly, they asked the man more probing questions about the cat’s health. He told them that the cat was eating well and could walk but was limping “pretty badly” but that the situation didn’t seem “urgent”. He agreed to take care of the cat until the shelter staff could send someone to get the cat. Due to more severe weather conditions in the area, 10 days passed before they went to pick the kitty up.

When the staff arrived at the motel, they were greeted by an adorable cat that was purring loudly. He seemed very affectionate and social. His limp was still very pronounced but he didn’t let his injury stop him. He immediately tried to jump on the counter to get closer to the staff. He missed the counter and fell to his side but got up and limped back to rub himself against the legs of the rescue group. This cat was certainly all heart!

They immediately took the cat to a veterinarian in Rawlins, Wyoming. An X-ray was taken and the cat was examined by Dr. Hones. The doctor explained that the x-ray revealed a broken leg. She said that the poor cat must have been in tremendous pain but that, at this point, the leg was nearly completely healed. Luckily, the break had been clean and, so, would heal fully and the cat was expected to make a complete recovery.

The sweet cat was placed in a foster home with a retired nurse who brought him back to good health. He was named “Turtle” due to his gimpy gait, and the fact that he loved hiding under blankets and peeking his head out to play. His limp completely disappeared over time and his active, playful nature came shining through.

Turtle was eventually adopted by a local store owner. He spends his days socializing with the customers, snuggling in the silk scarves on display, or draping himself over the store owner’s keyboard while she tries to get some work done.

No one would ever know the pain and hardship the poor cat faced in his young life. Animals are so resilient! Not only do their bones heal . . . but their hearts do as well.

Especially this time of year, animal shelters and rescue organizations are in desperate need of foster parents for kittens as they become overwhelmed with the number of young animals needing help. Without foster parents kittens are turned away to accept whatever fate awaits them or are euthanized in large numbers. When foster parents give them a safe haven they set them up to be healthy and adoptable animals. Foster homes free up a shelter’s resources and space so that other animals may be helped.
I hear from people that fostering is a great idea but they couldn’t then give them up and I understand this. A few years ago I was at a farm near my favorite fruit stand. I noticed a box and started hearing noises coming from it. I was told that someone had just “dropped” it off. I looked down at four dusty and hungry kittens and thought “The last thing I need right now are 4 kittens/I cannot leave them there.” So instead of coming home with peaches, filberts, strawberries and honey in my shopping bag, I came home with The Farmstand Kittens – Peach, Filbert, Strawberry and Honey in a dirty cardboard box. Once at home, I prepared meals and a bubble bath for each. I had no idea that in 4 weeks time they would grow up to be the worst furry heart thieves I would ever meet.

The kittens grew up sweet and healthy. When they would see me they would race across the room to climb up my leg, purring furiously. Or they would pile up on my lap and nap for hours. In the afternoons I would set up a puppy pen in the garden and let them play and explore. I grew incredibly attached to them and them to me.

I’d like to say when the day came to take them to the local shelter to be adopted I congratulated myself for a doing a great job and packed them up to take back, albeit with a little sadness. But no, instead of that experienced animal rescue person who had done this before, I became a blubbering, crying, snorting, hiccupping, emotional mess. I would decide to pack them up and take them in and then one second later “No! I’m keeping everyone of them!” Finally with the help of supportive Facebook messages, emails, tweets, text messages and phone calls I was able to take them to the shelter. All four kittens were adopted within a day of returning to the shelter and being spayed or neutered.

It was not easy to say good bye but I would have felt much worse NOT fostering them and wondering what kind of life they would have had as stray cats. And when I get the next call that there are more kittens to foster, I’ll forget for a while the hard part and I will race to get all my supplies ready to welcome a new little bunch of furry heart thieves.

Pikachu the rescued cat.This is Pikachu. We found him in an island at the center of a busy street in Makati’s central business district, taking shelter inside a covered spotlight that is used to light up the monument standing in that island. My husband spotted him when he crossed that island walking back to our house from the mall. And as always, we have no idea how he managed to get himself at the center. My husband imagined that it will only take a little time before the kitten becomes desperate for food and water that it will dare to cross the busy street with lots of speeding vehicles, and then get hit and die. This kitten was very challenging to catch. The first time, it wouldn’t come out behind the spotlight so it was quite difficult to get to him without hurting our eyes. We can’t exactly see where he is hiding so my husband just left food and water for him to get through the night – and day for that matter, because the second attempt was the next evening.

The next evening, I came with him to help again. We tried to lure him with food, and eventually he stepped out. As soon as we grabbed him and tried to put it in the cat carrier, I don’t know how he did it but he somehow escaped my hand and jumped out – went back to the spotlight. That’s when we realized, we should call him Pikachu, from a Japanese anime Pokemon – because he’s a pain to catch. Again, we left food and water to get him through another day.

And so the next evening again, we came back with the hopes that he is still there. This time, it was still quite early in the evening so we kinda attracted some attention from security men roaming around the area. They were wondering what we are doing in the monument. Fortunately, after explaining that we need to get a stray kitten out, they tried their best to help out too. They even tried to check if they can radio someone who have access to the spotlight, since the spotlight is enclosed and is locked. They weren’t successful in unlocking it, but at least they were there to give us moral support. Eventually, Pikachu came out to get his food and we were able to catch him.

Pikachu sleeping

He was scared at the beginning, but it took only a little time before he was able to socialize with our cats. He immediately became friends with Sylvia. Other than being dirty and dehydrated, Pikachu was a healthy kitten. Eventually, we found him a good home to care for him. He is now living with other cats in a farm.

Pikachu and Sylvia chilling out on bed. This photo was taken the day Pikachu was adopted. Just like our other rescues that's been adopted, we miss him dearly. But we are happy to know he have a family to care for him.
Pikachu and Sylvia chilling out on bed. This photo was taken the day Pikachu was adopted. Just like our other rescues that’s been adopted, we miss him dearly. But we are happy to know he have a family to care for him.






After Nishi’s rescue, I have become more compassionate towards strays. In a few months of raising Nishi, it felt like the experience have opened my eyes in such a way that I see the strays more often than I used to. I know they were there even before, but I was disconnected then, and oblivious to the stray population problem.

My husband is a runner and usually does his training in the middle of the night when road traffic dies down and crowd has mellowed. One night he came back saying he heard a crying cat somewhere along his route but couldn’t find where it’s coming from. He said he just gave up because it might be inside a building or a compound where he couldn’t access anyways.

The next evening, he trained again and went to the same route. Surprisingly, he heard the same cry. The cat has been crying for 24 hours now. He tried to look for it once more, as it bothered him so much that this cat has been in the same spot in the last 24 hours, miserable and crying. Finally, he found this little gray tabby kitten at the corner of some Jewish church. He called me up and I immediately went with food and water.

Patrick was confined in the vet clinic. His eyes were filled with mucus due to a respiratory infection. He couldn't open them up.
Patrick was confined in the vet clinic. His eyes were filled with mucus due to a respiratory infection. He couldn’t open them up.

The kitten’s eyes were shut and full of discharge. It was also skinny and very filthy. It was a very scared kitty. I offered it some food. We couldn’t make up our minds what to do with the kitten. Obviously, in his condition, he will not survive on his own. The condo we were living in doesn’t allow pets and Nishi is already a secret. It is also close to impossible to sneak the tabby kitten because it just won’t stop crying. But we also did not have the heart to leave it like that, knowing that he will never make it by himself. We ended up driving to the 24 hour vet clinic and had the kitten treated, and then boarded him for the night.

It was St. Patrick’s day, and so we named him Patrick. It turned out that Patrick is suffering from a respiratory infection. After a week of being confined and treated in the vet clinic, we smuggled Patrick in the condo. We figured, Nishi could use a company. It wasn’t easy introducing the two to each other, but eventually, they loved each other.

We isolated Patrick for a few days just to make sure he's free from infection. Nishi tirelessly guarded this "new creature", watching its every move.
We isolated Patrick for a few days just to make sure he’s free from infection. Nishi tirelessly guarded this “new creature”, watching its every move.
Patrick and Nishi
Nishi was jealous for quite some time but eventually grew affection towards Patrick. To this day, Patrick is the only cat that Nishi will play with. Nishi doesn’t like cats so much, but Patrick’s an exception.
Patrick the beautiful boy
With lots of love and care, Patrick grew up to be a sweet baby boy. His eyes are so crossed he looks so adorable.
Patty is a gentle and a very smart cat. He loves to talk too! He would talk to you when you call his name – even when he sleeps.
Patrick, trying to be a model.

I never thought that a little creature will change my life forever.

Mark and I were walking to the restaurant when I heard a weird noise. It’s like a crying bird. The street was still busy so I couldn’t really tell where it’s coming from. Mark didn’t hear it so I thought I was nothing and proceeded to dinner.

After 2 hours, we headed back home taking the same street and I heard the same crying bird again. We tried to look for it, and there, we found this tiny calico kitten, about 2 weeks old, crying non-stop while laying in a small ditch at the middle of the walk way in Leviste St. Imagine, it was a busy evening, and yet nobody gave a shit to even pick up and put this little creature somewhere safe. Mark panicked and immediately picked up the kitten. She was very weak and filthy with street dirt. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to touch the little kitten as it freaks me out. I never had a pet before. We both didn’t know what to do with her because our building admin doesn’t allow pets in the condo. But we couldn’t just leave her like that. We took her to our building and was immediately stopped by the guards. We talked to them and promise to take her to a shelter the next day, and that we are just going to feed it.

The pot hole where we found Nishi.

Since Mark have experience with cats, he knew that cow’s milk is not good for them so he just cleaned the little kitten, and then googled for a milk substitute just to get through the night. Then we took the shade off our lamp and used it to warm the little kitten up. Everything improvised.

Nishi’s first night in her imporvised shelter box.


I was very stressed that evening because I was afraid the kitten might not make it through the night. I was also stressed that we don’t know any shelter that would take in the cat. Plus, this kitten cries so much and so loud – I was stressed to be confronted by the guards again and get me pressured to get rid of the kitten.

The next day, we took her to the vet for check up. She was a strong kitten. She didn’t even sip the improvised milk that Mark prepared for her, but she seemed to be OK. She was checked up, got her nails trimmed, and got kitten replacement milk for her. She also had been tested for worms etc.

Nishi enjoying the sun and the park, a month after her rescue.

And that’s where it all started. We then decided to keep her, and kept her a secret :). I fell in love with Nishi. This little cat changed it all. She has awakened my sense of compassion and my total mindset about animals in general. For a person who has never had a pet in her whole life, you’d think it would be difficult to adapt. But I did.  She has opened my eyes to become a better human being living in this world. Nishi will be my forever inspiration.