Royalty by Jake Waller

They prance their palace with poise

Feign disinterest in all of their toys

Show balance defying belief

and landings with hardly a noise


Relaxed, they stretch out, but pause

Without warning can unleash their claws

That keen hunting instinct remains

though they happily now live indoors


We don’t always know when they’re there

As of only some secrets they share

Independence couples with affection

Enough always to show that they care

Photo: raider of gin - Book cat on Flikr
Photo: raider of gin – Book cat on Flikr

Royalty by Jake Waller is another stunning poem which accurately describes cats royal behaviour. The way Jake Waller talks about the movements and demeanour of cats is very relatable, but the poem is elegant and beautiful to read.

The end of the poem states that as royal and upper cats may act, they do still care and the appreciate everything you do for them.

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