Polite Pet Notice (By Jake Waller)

Time once and for all now to settle the score

of the age old debate, of the eternal war

As divisive a topic as coffee versus tea

or the better: Toy Story or Toy Story 3

Some people say both, while others say neither

(This latter group leaves our debate none the wiser)

Who is man’s best friend, the dog or the cat?

This poem on its own cannot settle that

but allow me at least to give you pause for thought

Are you giving each pet the attention you ought?

For feline or canine, what any pet needs

is an owner who cares, who protects and who feeds

These animals, despite their great, wild bloodlines

no longer live how they were once designed

Domestic, their chances are worse on their own

So know this commitment before you bring that pet home


(Did you really think this would settle dog versus cat?

I know but enough to know that we’ll never know that!)

photo: kitty.green66 / Flikr
photo: kitty.green66 / Flikr

Polite pet notice is another stunning poem by Jake Waller is almost like a wake-up call. It seems to coincide with the idea that a pet is for life and not just for Christmas. Instead of arguing about which pet is better out of a cat and a dog, care for and love your animal, they are very dependent on you and, due to domestication, can no longer really survive on their own.

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