Marrakats (by Jake Waller)


Bodies lithe and twisting

‘twixt stalls and legs and wheels

With siblings all competing

to scavenge their next meals


See curious eyes in alleys

or tails swishing out of sight

The plaintive calls that carry

through the city streets at night


The scraps from shops in summer

offer enough to go around

But when tourist season’s over

there is far less to be found


Whether roaming rotten refuse

or bathed in sun’s warm glow

there remains that noble elegance

amongst the strays of Morocco

By w:User:Stavrolo, CC BY 3.0,
By w:User:Stavrolo, CC BY 3.0,

Another beautiful poem by Jake Waller. Marakats seems to talk about the stray cats in Morocco who are desperately trying to find a meal to eat. When tourists leave places like Morocco many of the stray animals seem to begin to struggle as they rely heavily on the generosity of others. This is a sad fact, and one which together we can help to change.

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