A poor orphaned kitten had a bit of a shaky start, but in just five weeks she went from fighting to live to fighting fit.

This one-day-old kitten was the only survivor from her little, she was orphaned and found in a very distressing state but she refused to give up, and fought every second through. This is Nala, the amazing miracle fighter.

photo: fosterkittensvegas / Instagram

Nala and three of her siblings were taken to Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter, basically straight after they were born. They were brought in my a couple of ladies who claimed they had found them with no mother, with no idea of the situation or what had happened, they waited for the mother cat to perhaps come back for her babies, but she sadly never did.

Unfortunately, despite everybody’s best efforts, Nala’s three siblings did not make it, they were just too small and could not make it through. This is a sad thing to happen to any litter, but unfortunately the mother’s care is very much vital for kittens.

photo: fosterkittensvegas / Instagram

Nala was the only one who made it through and, after just one week she started to gain strength and grow more and more. She started eating more and sleeping more which is essential for a healthy growth. It was when these changes were apparent that they knew Nala would be okay.

She was bottled fed with a formula which attempts to emulate a mother’s milk, and Nala never let a drop go to waste, all which was promising for those waiting to see if she will get stronger and bigger.

Another major breakthrough for Nala was when she opened her eyes, she was snuggled into her favourite blanket – the one which had been with her at just a few days old, and opened her eyes to see the world, meaning one thing – it was time for her to explore.

photo: fosterkittensvegas / Instagram

Nala eats more and more everyday and is super loving to everybody, showing all a great deal of love and gratitude to those who have cared for her and basically saved her life. She will cuddle up to her foster mother and purr away. She has been gifted a big teddy bear to cuddle up to if she wants, and Nala adores her. Teddies are really important for  babies who have bee orphaned, they can actually make a mountain of help to their health. Teddies remind the babies of their mama and make them a lot more comforted. Nala has become a lover for all things soft and warm too, you’ll always see her snuggling up in the cosiest of blankets.

photo: fosterkittensvegas / Instagram

After five weeks Nala looks so much healthier and happier, everybody is so proud of her progress, Nala is now like a different kitty with a loads of energy and a tonne of personality. You can see more photos and videos of the kitty on her Instagram and always remember, that there’s hope for every kitten and cat no matter the circumstance.


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