Cat Calls – (By Jake Waller)

What can I infer from a purr?
Relaxed with a friendly hand on their fur?
What might we deduce in a hiss?
It’s not bliss, that’s for sure, but is something amiss?
What do you mean now with your meow?
You want attention, affection, but how?
Why, when out on the prowl, do they growl?
Is it just the feline form of a scowl?
All these sounds go round and round in the cat choir cacophony, a daily symphony.

Photo: Tambako The Jaguar on flikr
Photo: Tambako The Jaguar on flikr

Cat calls by Jake Waller talks about cats special little language; should I pat my cat when they purr at me? But what if they hiss at me? This is something that cat owners go through every day. Trying to understand our beloved pets can be a little hard but, in the end, it is all part of their “cat choir” symphony.

This is a gorgeous little poem. Make sure to share it around.

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